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At Texas Security Bank, we're an example of free enterprise at its best. We built our bank. So we understand the needs of business owners and have designed our services around them. Meet some of the entrepreneurs we're helping to succeed.

“Texas Security Bank gets it. It’s an entrepreneur’s bank.”

Cary Albert, President, Albert Enterprises

A born entrepreneur, Cary Albert started his first business at age 26. In 1995, he bought into a Schlotzsky’s franchise. When a private equity group bought the franchisor in 2007, it offered enormous growth opportunity in spite of the recession. Last week, Cary opened his 16th Schlotzsky’s. Today he has the largest average unit volume in the nation and the largest Schlotzsky’s franchise in the world. From a capital perspective, Cary had worked only with large banks because of their competitive rates. That is, until he met Craig Scheef. Now he’s a loyal Texas Security Bank customer, getting better terms, better rates, and far better service.

Photo of Carry Albert in his restaurant

“I walked into the bank at 3:00 on a Friday afternoon. By 4:00, I had a mortgage loan approval!”

Chandra Lee Payne, ASID

Chandra Lee Payne needed a mortgage to relieve her of the high costs of leasing. Her circumstances were complicated, though, because she was self-employed with an interior design business. Another lender had pre-approved her weeks earlier, but two hours before her contract deadline, the loan had not been fully approved. A friend recommended she contact Texas Security Bank, and there she met Senior Vice President of Mortgage Lending Libby Smith. One hour later her loan was approved. And 10 days later she closed on her new home.

Photo of Shandra Lee Payne in her home

“Banking is about relationships. I knew I could trust Texas Security Bank.”

Tom Miller, President, The Car Wash Companies

At age 25, Tom Miller was a carwash employee. But then he moved into management and turned the business around. By age 32, he’d saved enough money to begin investing in his own carwash businesses. Today, he has two brands, TradeMark Car Wash and Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash, in three locations, with two more opening soon. Over the years, he’s received SBA loans through other banks. But after coming to Texas Security Bank, he developed a close relationship with SBA loan Senior Vice President John Munk. John simplified the process, and even helped Tom close on an SBA loan in one month so he could take advantage of a growth opportunity.

Photo of Tom Miller in the office of his business

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